Best Practices for Effective Test Automation in Agile Development

With the constantly evolving businesses and technical environments, the main target of any development team is to provide maximum results with the simple and manageable architectures. And Agile is an iterative development methodology, where most organizations are working on to drastically reduce the overall risk associated with the software development. Needless to say, increasing adoption of agile development has made enterprises to switch to Test Automation Services to cope with the continuous development and integration and resolve all the manual testing issues.

There are an umpteen number of challenges associated with the test automation. So, it’s always advisable to gain fine cognizance on the same beforehand. If you are amongst many who struggling to attain desired output of your test automation program in agile, follow the below listed ways to make your test automation work effectively and successfully in the environment of agile.

Conduct quality testing

With the continuous releases and change in the quality objectives, it’s always tedious for a developer to identify, test and fix the bugs. Hence, it is important to allocate a quality time and conduct the test automation in a parallel to the development to avoid the last-minute rushes.

Get the right automation tool

Ensure to select the right test automation tool that meets certain basic criteria or features to attain the success of the test automation program. Listed below are few of the features that every test automation tool must have:

  • OS friendly
  • Capable of meeting all end-to-end testing needs
  • Must have easy-to-understand UI, navigation, and functionality
  • Must be robust and provide quick results

Try to develop a quality test script

The main objective behind the development of quality test scripts is to execute smoother testing without any intervention from the professional testers.  Also, the stable and sound testing scripts can only help in completing the regression test cycles without much changes and enjoy the benefits of performance, speed and accuracy.

Keep your testing scripts small and lean

Make sure that your test cases and scripts are small to avoid unnecessary test data and deal only with the complex scenarios. Also, smaller test cases help in reducing the overall load on agile development environment and improve the business performance with better ROI.

Etisbew understands your test automation requirements and provides you the services that help you in accelerating your business performance in a cost-effective manner.


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