Laravel – Your Best Choice in PHP Frameworks

PHP, a server side scripting language is a preferred programming language by web browsers across the globe for web development. Owing to its interactive features, easy learning curve, friendliness, good HTML & database integration and user control made millions of developers to install it on their websites and web servers.

Like many other programming languages, PHP do as some impeccable frameworks that will make your development works more fast, productive and interesting by lowering the risk of errors, attacks from the SQL injection as well as other XSS attacks. Out of many, Laravel, a PHP framework put forth by taking CodeIgniter as an inspiration is the best among all, as it supports in creating wonderful applications with its simple, elegant and expressive syntax. Adding to this list, it is exclusively introduced for the development of MVC (model view controller) apps. So, which all features are making Laravel to become as more popular framework? Let us has a quick glance below:

Top features of PHP Laravel that makes it so appealing and popular

Application logic

It is designed with a flexibility of enabling developers to create everything for an application. So, from a very small website to the massive, it can be implemented within any app using the controllers it has.

Excellent Documentation

Documentation of this advanced framework is explained bit-by-bit with the Otwell’s personal inputs in many cases.

View composers

Usually blocks of content run at the backend when a view is loaded. And the view composer feature of Laravel is the one that helps controller load bunch of data from the models for views that are not linked or related to the methods page content.

Routing system

It has a very convenient and incredibly easy-to-use approach to routing. Most PHP developers are not much familiar with the route systems so brings control and flexibility over the route to be triggered when needed. Routes of Laravel framework are defined in app/Http/routes.php file. And the basic routes of Laravel accept URI and Closure with easy and expressive methods of defining.

This framework also has the additional features of Automatic pagination, Intuitive Syntax, unit-testing, Lightweight Templates, MVC Architecture Support, Authentication and Database migration.


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