Switch to Sales Cloud Lightning, to drive more profits

Many of the Salesforce users today are complaining majorly about the clunkiness of its User Interface. Though the web has evolved far par with responsive designs, Salesforce UI is still at the same rate without any much changes. This eventually made Salesforce to reconsider the way its platform is designed and apps are built, and led to the launch of new platform called “lightening”, also known as “The Future of CRM”.

Lightning is the next generation of the Salesforce1 Platform. Well, what does that really mean?

Sales Cloud Lightning

Cloud Lightning is all about the group of technologies and tool behind the upgradation of any Salesforce platform. This multi-year project for Salesforce is being introduced with a range of great features to help you work more productively, take better decisions and help you sell yourself faster.

Lightening new tools

  • Lightening components and app builder: build apps quickly, using drag-and-drop reusable components
  • Lightening process builder: Automate complex workflows and processes without any code
  • Lightening schema builder and lightening connect: visually design your data model

New features of Lightning to accelerate sales growth

  • Activity feed of lightening will help in knowing what is happening and what to do next.
  • Contextual hovers of sales cloud lightening will help you know what is going on at the customers end without being checking diverse pages of the app
  • Opportunity board to know about all the existing deals and drag and drop to different stages
  • The most requested feature of the customers, customizable dashboards with more than three columns is one of the added advantage in sales cloud lightening
  • Adoption of this advanced Sales Lightning results in time savings of 5-10 hours a week back to sales reps

For more information on Salesforce cloud lightening, email us: usasales@etisbew.com


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