Microsoft launches Security Program for preventing hackers from hijacking Azure IoT devices

Microsoft Azure, a flexible cloud operating system on which enterprises are allowed to build, deploy and manage the essential apps using Microsoft technologies and managed languages like Java, .NET, Python, Ruby on Rails, and others. Which means an individual is permitted to develop and manage the enterprise level apps without retaining any infrastructure.

This cloud for modern businesses has many pre-built templates, the cloud storage databases, various .Net services built on the cloud OS and many others. And the rich tool set of Microsoft Azure will not help in development of seamless functionalities but in the easy collaboration of many third-party integrations.

Today we have an umpteen of open and flexible cloud service platforms to build and manage enterprise-level internet of things(IoT), mobile as well as the web apps promptly. And Microsoft Azure is one such platform that helps in managing the application with care and prevent hackers from hijacking IoT devices.

Microsoft Security Program for Azure IoT

With the increase in the count of Cyberattacks by unknown hackers on major websites like Netflix, Spotify, Github and Amazon, Microsoft has come up with a security program by partnering with security auditors look for potential security issues, find the problems and suggest the fixes.

As per the sources it was found that few the major websites across the internet have faced massive cyberattacks on many security cameras, unsecured internet of things (IoT) and many. With the world becoming increasingly connected day by day, potential risks like hacking are also increasing at a faster pace.

Increase in strong concerns on data security made enterprise across the globe to flock to Microsoft’s Security Program for Azure IoT to attain positive results. This new program responds only to the customer requests on security concerns, detects the security issues and provide the required recommendations.

In addition to this Microsoft has all set to launch few of the Azure IoT certified devices, to help companies figure out the best so as to use for their application and business requirements.


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